Saturday, July 16, 2011

who says you're not beautiful.

i like making lists.
i do not like people who rub their negativity on you.
i like going to baseball games.
i wish i could see the future.
my dream is to go to africa to build houses, schools, ect. for tall the people there.
i like people with unusual names.
if i see someone who is struggling, i'll pray for them.
i can quote all the words to grown ups. haha
i don't like feeling embarrassed.
sometimes, i'll pretend that i don't hear people.
also, i pretend that im asleep.
if i was a millionaire, i would donate all my money to cancer research, thats how much i care.
i wanna be a personal trainer.
my favorite food is the bread at red lobster.
i hate when i have a vision of doing something, and then when i do it, it looks bad.
i can never hold back tears, i hate that.
the best present i could get is a little chocolate lab puppy in a little box with a red bow on its head.
i used to dress up in my dad's clothes.
i sorta waste money sometimes.
i like how hair looks in the shampoo and conditioner commercials.
i used to wear ace bandages even if i wasn't hurt.
i wanna be on TV.
i take my time doing things.
i used to say that i would never watch Glee but, now im addicted to it.
i don't have perfect vision.
i don't like the word "popular".
paranormal activity is the scariest movie ever.
im so glad i have my little sister.
i love old people.
i don't really hate anyone.
i overuse the word "dude".
i don't like waiting.
i have a headache, therefor, im done.
but trust me, this isn't the last of these lists.


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