Wednesday, July 27, 2011

its the start of something new.

holey moley. i just got back from my first day in 8th grade! of course, today was the same stuff as every first day..class procedures, seating charts, himynameis's, and telling about ourselves. borrrrring.

although the first day was boring, it was still good. but, i'm so sad *whipes tears* that summer 2011 is...over.

this summer...was the best one yet. i did so many things that i haven't done before and, met people i haven't met before..

i went to church camp, with like all my friends, fun huh?

i went to californiaa, not the first, but was uber fun.

i learned how to SURF, yes surf!

i turned 13, and had a partyy and a CUPCAKE war (hense the frosting on my face) im a teenager now!

i went bear hunting, i know some of you may think killing animals, awwhh, but i didn't shoot one or anything. and btw..i was so not ready for this picture.

i made a club softball team.

i had a photoshoot.

i went to summer parties.

i went camping with my best friend.

that was my summer. amazing. now its school time. yippieeee, not.


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