Tuesday, July 12, 2011

crazy girl.

i'm a Christian.
i've never kissed anyone.
i get scared easily.
i like doing things, even if i'm bad at it.
i don't cuss.
in fact, i hate when people cuss.
i don't like immature people.
i live for my friends and family.
my favorite book is the Bible.
i don't like people who think they're better then everyone.
i love cute quotes.
Finn on glee, is the hottest, cutest guy..EVER.
i look up to people who don't care what others think.
i wish i could drive.
i want to go to London, Paris, and Europe.
sometimes, i wish i had brown hair, just to see what it looks like.
i hate cruises.
i love Queen Creek.
i like being challenged.
i play softball.
i don't like texting people first because i feel annoying.
when i was little, i never really played with dolls or babies.
i sing in the shower.
i don't like lightning, at all.
i love justin bieber.
i get jealous.
i like dressing up, but sometimes i wear pajamas all day.
i love california.
i wish i was super tan.
i like country music better then pop music.
if you haven't noticed, on all of my posts i end them with XOXO.
i wish i could play the guitar.
i bite my nails.
the black eyed peas songs get so annoying to me.
i hate running.
i love the notebook (movie).
at night, i never put my feet out of my blanket, its scary.
i over think things.
i always wonder what life would be like if i lived in a different state.
high school scares me.
i want to learn how to dirtbike.
i wish i lived in the 80s.
secondhand serenades song, fall for you, is the cutest song ever.
i don't like punk rock music.
i think boys who play baseball/football, have cute eyes, a good smile, and abs/good arms, are the best.
i wish i didn't have a phone, or a Facebook.
i love giving people advice, even if im not that good at it.
i hold things in sometimes.
california has the most perfect weather.
i don't like boys that lie.
i wanna be a professional swimmer.
i still watch spongebob.
i hate sweet foods, like sweet potato fries, or sweet tea.
oh, that brings me to another, i hate tea.
i used to dance.
rain makes everything gloomy.
i like small houses.
im bored right now, as you can probably see.
i want to buy all of Forever21.
i'm done.



  1. sometimes there aren't words to explain my love for your posts. so i simply put "<3".

  2. atleast i actually comment on yours!!