Monday, July 11, 2011

if heaven wasn't so far away.

well, i just got back from a camping/hunting trip, and on the way i read the book heaven is for real. and ohmygosh. amazing. if you haven't seen what it looks like, let me introduce you....
well, basically this book is about a little boy (colton) who was rushed to the hospital for an appendix surgery due to an appendix burst. he tells of a story that he visited heaven. and it's true. i don't want to ruin the book, so i'll just let you read it to find out the rest. but really, if you've questioned your faith, as like, is He really there? you'll know He's there. read it. NOW :)

heaven. has that subject ever came to your mind? have you ever thought about what heaven was really like? when i was younger i remember at church my pastor said to imagine heaven being filled with a bunch of food on gold tables. whats your heaven like? 

in my heaven... every person there is a believer. everyone wears white and theres no shoes, because the ground is like clouds. everyone is young. everything is perfect. everyone is perfect. theres no drama, fights, or terrible things. its filled with happiness. its always light. you can wear anything, without people judging you for it. theres no makeup, only natural beauty. theres no need to worry about those people who think they're better then everyone else, because everyones perfect. theres no BAD. only GOOD. because with God everything is good. things are like the movies, where love never fails, friends are forever, and nothing is impossible. the Lord will tell you duties to complete, and they won't be hard. everyone is gorgeous, nice, and funny. and, everything is perfect. 

that's what i imagine heaven as. 

anyways, read the book :) please!


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