Tuesday, April 5, 2011


well, i guess today i just feel the need to post something, well powerful? if you could say that. but, most often, every body finds themselves in such a wreck, and they think their life is going terrible, for all the wrong reasons. maybe, no money, or maybe bad luck. but, what we all don't understand is what really matters in life, what God's plan for you is, not YOUR plan for you. most of us dwell on all the negatives in life, and are too depressed or too sad. but what none of us understand is that, everything happens for a reason maybe you don't like that reason, but everyone needs to find a way to deal with it. OPTIMISM IS KEY. if you don't like the path you are going down, its as easy as getting yourself out of it, as it is getting yourself in it. don't dwell on the negatives in life, because half of the time, its only you feeling bad for YOURself. there are people out there who may not have the money to even have a home, or may not get to eat anything at all, and then here we are complaining because our house is too small, or we have no "good" food?! think about it. EACH and EVERY one of you, is blessed.


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  1. love it lynsey. keep thinking this way!(:
    <3 you.