Sunday, April 3, 2011

me. me. me.

the title says it all. me. i guess i decided to do this post just to kind of tell stuff that some people might not know about me. or some stuff that i want people to know about me so here it goes...

  • i bite my nails. GROSS, i know. but its just a habit.
  • i do not like surprises. when someone tells me they have a "surprise" for me, i beg them to tell me.
  • i cry like a baby when i hear the song "Don't Laugh at Me." its terribly sad.
  • i gotta admit, i worry, big time. sometimes not so big things, sometime big things.
  • there is nothing that no body in this world knows about me.
  • i do not like science, at all.
  • when i'm in bed at night, i think about everything.
  • i get jealous when i see a cute high school couple.
  • i'd rather have one friend who loved me a lot, then a million friends who secretly hated me.
  • sometimes, i won't tell someone something because i'm scared they'll think i'm so weird.
  • i don't like show offs, at all.
  • i don't think before i say some things, then i wish i wouldn't have said it.
  • i forget how lucky i am, on a daily basis.
  • someday, i wish to change the world, in any way, shape, or form.
  • i think that when guys cry is the cutest thing. like in movies.
  • there's not one person i hate.
  • i love to laugh, and i love when people laugh.
  • if i see people on the side of the road, or just old people that i feel bad for somewhere, i will pray for them that night.
  • i think smaller houses are cuter than larger houses.
there you have it. comment?!



  1. Too cute babe when a guy cries thats the cutest haha (: i love it <3

  2. very nice honeybee!! i agree with you on a lot of those! God blessed you with a great heart, you are such a sweet girl! <3

  3. thanks girls!<3

    and i know right whittneyyyy, ahhah! its adorablee!(;

    and chloeee,i love youu!