Tuesday, April 5, 2011

2nd post, today.

2 posts a day won't hurt, right?!
well, i'm going to post a couple pictures. and write a couple lines about them :)

this picture, was a year ago. 2010. when everything was going perfect. and it was all of our first season playing softball, we've all came a longggg way. and when i look back at this picture, it just reminds me of how we grow up each and every day.

this day=amazing. it was our first bulldogs football game that we all went to. and we all had an incredible time. i miss the football games dearly.

this day was the justin bieber concert. and me and whittney got all dressed up for it :)

have any of you ever seen like, pictures of me when i was little?

well, this would be a picture of me and my brother before my brother got hurt. i love him.

 i used to dance, i'd spend LONG days dancing. and i gotta admit, i miss it.

 FWI: my hair was not crimped in this picture. it looks weird.
that would be my second post of the night, just for Olivia! :)
<3 you all.

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  1. the picture of you and your brother is so sweet! he looks just like you! <3