Sunday, March 20, 2011

keepin' it short and sweet.

sooo, well this will be a short but sweet post. like what my title says. well, i love these girls ^^ and i love this picture. it was from a flour fight we had a year ago. it was filled with memories. and every time im sad, i can just look at this picture, and it makes me happy (: it brings back so much memories.

ohh danggg this pic is HOT. just kiddingg. it isnt (; butt, i just think this picture is funny(; my eyes are all squinted, with this HUGE hat!! and while i was on my cruise i had SO much memories with my familyy.(:

MEMORIES from this pic thats forsurreee..! yess, i love her. and this video we took, we did it to the shamwow songgg. bahahaha!

Welll, thats it for now!


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