Monday, March 21, 2011


yeah. soo, this is my sport. SOFTBALL. this is what i play. SOFTBALL. and this is my life. SOFTBALL. everything about it, i love. the red dirt getting all over, the numbers on the back of jerseys, hair up in a ponytail, wearing cleats instead of shoes others wear, the laces on the ball, having to ice my arm after games, shouting the play for the next batter, telling people "i cant, i have softball."(well, sometimes i dont like that), the parents cheering in the stands, getting butterflies when your up to bat, listening to your coach 24/7, fielding a ball, running the bases, scrambling defense. YES, that is softball.

my hero in softball. JENNIE FINCH. she's america's #1 pitcher. yeah, thats a HUGE accomplishment, dont ya think? someday, i wish to be like her. but i know it will take hard work, and dedication. but when i believe i can do something, im going to try my hardest to get there. and Jennie just recently retired from playing on the olympics team. but, i think that that was her life time goal, and she reached that. and that inspires me to reach my goals too.

that brings us to the next picture. my goal. to hit a homerun. someday, just someday.

well, thats it for now! thanks for reading(:


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