Saturday, March 19, 2011

20 things i don't like.

i'm loving this whole blog idea! i'm hoping to get more followers, so if your reading this and you dont have a blog, you should create one today! it takes about 5 minutes and Blogger will easily set up a blog that is just right for you! (: well, back to 20 things i don't like.

1. bad words.
2. seeing someone doing a bad thing.
3. rumors, gossip, ect.
4. the wind.
5. when people judge others without even knowing their whole life story.
6. reading.
7. when people say that blondes are dumb.
8. if i curl my hair, and after standing outside for 2 seconds, it flattens.
9. surprises.
10. when people make fun of others.
11. listening to someone tell a story when i know its full of lies.
12. punk rockerish music. (you can ask chloe, i do not like it.)
13. not being included.
14. when someone says that i'm too young to do something.
15. immature people.
16. when 7 or 8 or 9 or 10 year olds have a boyfriend.
17. when someone tells me, "you don't even know" or, "you don't understand."
18. fighting.
19. hard tests that require hours of studying.
20. when people use q's to substitute for g's.

well, there ya have it!(:



  1. 20 things!! ahh thats a lot of dislike right here hahah!! im just messing ;) love it lyns, how many followers do you have??

  2. psssh, i dont know! and welll, idkk(; there just some things i dont likee!