Friday, March 18, 2011

30 things i love.(:

these aren't in any type of order(: just lettin' ya know!

1. {Shopping} i LOVE getting new things! and i LOVE just looking around too.
2. {God} ...enough said..
3. {Whittney Purdy} i LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE her. she's my sister and always looking out for me. she's there everytime i need her. and i know i can trust her with everything. me and her have infinity inside jokes and i know that everytime i need someone to lean on, she is there. i love her.
4. {Softball} whether i am sitting in the dugout, playing on the field, up to bat, cheering for my teammates, running to first, throwing my arm out, or ANYTHING to do with softball, i love it.
5. {Justin Bieber} so, I DONT CARE if people say hes "gay" or sings like a girl. HE DOESNT. he has a gorgeous voice. and he is super super HOT. and he dances like an angel. nuff' said.
6. {Lipgloss} i HATE dry lips!! they are grosss.
7. {Chloe Cleveland} i LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE her also. (: i don't see her very much, and i hate itt. :/ but still, she is always there for me when i need her. and she helps me through a lot of stuff. and we have the weirdest conversations. buttt, i love her. and i always will(:
8. {Pictures and Videos} everytime i am with my friends, we always take the cutest, (and weirdest) pictures. but those pictures describe who we are, duh(; and, we record the stupidest videos that we can just die laughing after we see it, or even during the video. i LOVE pictures and videos thats fer sure.
9. {SUMMER} swimming, sleepovers, the beach, vacation, best friends, shorts, sunglasses, ice cream, and everything else.
10. {Vans} i LOVE vans. they are adorable.
11. {Turquoise} <-- i think i spelt that right?!?! buttt, i love the color turquoise! it is gorgeous(:
12. {iChat} ahaha, i LOVE video chatting, or just regular chatting my best friends.(:
13. {Taylor Swift} ...her songs...amazing.
14. {Love} whether its real life, or movies. i think love is amazing.
15. {Hannah Smith} this girl is amazing!! i love her(: and shes always there for me when i need her!
16. {The Bible} learn it, live it, love it. one day, i will be able to recite any verse there is, one day.
17. {My Phone} well, yeah!
18. {School} to tell you the truth, i love school. i dont care if its learning or what. i love it. when i haven't gone in a long time, i miss it.
19. {Necklaces} gotta love em'(:
20. {Mariah Wood} even though i met this girl the beginning of the school year, i know she is always there for me. (:
21. {Boys} well, what girl DOESNT love boys?!?! they aren't drama thats for sure. and welll, some are cutee(:
22. {Fairytales} i think the cheesy Disney love stories are the best. cinderellas slipper, belle marrying a beast, or snow white eating a cursed apple, they are ADORABLE.
23. {Eyes} i think bright blue eyes or glossy brown eyes are the prettiest eyes ever, and i love them
24. {Music} every song there is, is beautiful. and i love country music and pop(:
25. {Camping} it seems like, when you go camping, everything thats going bad in your life at that moment, you can push it behind you. i think thats amazing.
26. {Forever 21} even though i have like only 5 shirts from there, i wish i had more. its so cheap and the clothes are adorable! i wish i could buy that whole store and just try every single piece of clothing on at that store!!
27. {Memories} inside jokes, funny sayings, anything. i love memories, and i love something that can remind you of a fun memory. (:
28. {Family} my mom, my dad, my brother, my sister. i love each of them dearly. my mom: because she is always reminding me to do the right thing, even if its tough. my dad: because he helps me with softball, and pursuiting all of my dreams, and because i'm his little girl. my brother: because he reminds me each and every day of what you need to really be proud of, i'm proud of him because he is pushing himself every single day, doing things that seem impossible for him, but he still does them. he still does it, and he reminds me to be thankful, i've seen miracles run through him, and he's my #1 inspiration. my sister: my mom says she's like a spitting image of me when i was little, and i love watching her grow, she has her whole life ahead of her, and i want to teach her the right thing, so she doesn't have to go through the mistakes i have gone through.
29. {Blessings} each and every day, i am blessed. i believe that God blesses everyone, with a beautiful life, and i am blessed.
30. {Life} just life in general, i love. i love my life. i have an amazing family, that is continuing to always help me. amazing friends, who are by my side, always. and an amazing God, who i always come to, and pray to, when life gets rough.

thanks for reading(: please comment!! and tell me what you think!>


  1. what a sweet post! i love you with all my heart <3

  2. lynsey, you are adorable! i love your amazing post! hey! where's my name on that list!!! haha jk<3

  3. cute!! love the pics :) <3