Saturday, September 24, 2011

showin' the love.

person 1: i know sometimes i don't have time to literally say thank you for everything you've done for me. you've made me who i am today. i'm blessed by everything you do for our family. even though you make me clean till my room has absolutely nothing on the floor, i love you. every day you help out others. you live your life to serve others. the #1 momma award goes to you. words cant describe how amazing you are.

person 2: hey thanks, because of you, i started to appreciate all the people who actually LOVE me.

person 3: i really don't know how to start this. you and i are something else let me tell you. when were together, theres never a dull moment. you have helped me become a better person. and i love you for that. literally i think about all our times together, and thats endless. im blessed to have such a sister like you. i don't wanna get all cheesy and all, so ill stop, but literally..ILOVEYOU. just think about 3rd grade, cowboy hats, 4th grade, creepy eyes of the teacher, 5th grade, newyears eve<3, 6th grade, OHMY theres too much to name..<3 (like what number person i put you under?!)

person 4: you've changed, but i guess people change and theres nothing we can do about it.. i hope you like how your living.

person 5: i want you to know that people care about you..i don't think you get told that every day. your a wonderful friend and i love you.. please never change who you are.

person 6: i miss you.. and the good days. don't we all though? i know someday we'll look back at this moment in time and realize it was all a huge mistake. don't give up though, please don't.. your a great person.. don't ever change..

person 7: you're a sweetheart, and i miss you so so so so much.. although i see you during the week it just isn't the same anymore, ya know?! but lets change that very soon. you're beautiful, stay who you are. never change, please.

person 8: goodbyes are always hard, but i gotta say, i don't miss you.

i think i have vented enough out today ;) now time to work on my project. yaaaaay. :/

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