Wednesday, September 28, 2011

i am me.

i like tall boys.
i want a boy to sing to me.
i love little kids.
i cant wait to be a mom.
i admit, i spend a lotta time on the computer.
i want to have a cute, yet laid back style.
i want cowboy boots.
i love high school musical.
i wish i was super organized.
i want a guy best friend thats amazing.
i love old people.
i dont like super short shorts. gag.
i complain, a lot.
i love country music, and christian music.
i wish i could sing.
i wish i had better blog posts.
i am super forgetful and i hate it.
i love cookies and milk.
i wish i had longer hair.
i want to live somewhere besides AZ.
i love nice boys.
i pray if i need help.
i want to play a lot of sports.
i love things/people that smell good.
i can never hold in tears.
i love love love quotes.
i think sour skittles are da
i love water.
i want people to think of me as a rolemodel.
i wish i was good with words.
i want to write a book.
i can quote a whole lotta things from the notebook.
i want to pitch.
i miss my old house.
i want horses.
i want to be known as the girl that always smiles.
i miss being little.
&im a follower of Christ<3

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