Thursday, May 19, 2011

runaway love.

okay, so lately, i've felt the pain of loosing. loosing a game. its not regular to loose EVERY single game, right?! well, my team hasn't but, thats what it sure seems like. i guess loosing is just apart of the game right? but, its not fun to loose. one of my favorite quotes is, "don't let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game." what i believe, is SOFTBALL, is similar to LIFE. theres people you like{your team} and people you don't like{opposing team}. theres winning, theres loosing. theres steps you have to take in order to reach a certain point, as is going from 1st, to 2nd, to 3rd, then to home plate. theres positions, where you play and you should be knowledgeable at playing, as there is positions in life, school, jobs, ect. theres striking out, just like getting stuck in a problem, and then getting out of it. theres a person who you count on{pitcher}, just like someone in YOUR life. there is people who are better than others, just as school, sports, art, music, ect. there is confusion. theres teamwork. theres love. love for the game. 

well, enough with softball. going on to other important things. 

first off, check out if you haven't already done so. she's doing 30 hairstyles in 30 days, and let me tell you, they are so cute! she explains how to do them too! she even helps with french braiding! so make sure to check it out. the hairstyles are so cute. and ya know how theres those hairstyles that are so in style right now but you cant do them?! SHE WILL EXPLAIN! :) check it out!

second, today, tell someone you love them, think they are sweet, just do it. :) it'll make someones day. please do it!! 

last, but not least, guess what?! today, i have softball playoffs! so hopefully, i won't have that pain of loosing, but yet excitement of winning! i'll let you know how it goes! :)

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i love you all!


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  1. that is an amazing metaphor, that i never thought of!! i love it babes!! <3