Monday, May 16, 2011

here comes goodbye..

goodbye to school that is. i'm going to miss school so much, i know i've been saying "summer, yay yay yay!" but, still. i'm going to miss 7th grade, all of my teachers, and all of the kids. i know A LOT of people are doing this for their blog, but i want to, too! i know my teachers wont ever see this, but it's a cute idea riiiiight?!

dear ms. valles, (math teacher)
you have taught me so much. not only how to find the square root of 69(HAHA)but also, respect. thats one thing you always strive for; respect. your my 2nd favorite teacher. i'm glad i've had you this year, i adore you.

dear ms grant, (LA teacher)
i know we've had our ups and downs with each other, but still, your a good teacher. you were strict in the beginning of the year, but since the end of school is coming up, you've been WAY laid back. you're also funny, not cheesy joke funny, but funny. even though your hard, i'm glad i've had you, you've taught me so much.

dear ms berry, (science teacher)
thank you. thank you. thank you. you made me like science WAYYY more. all the experiments you did are awesome, too. yeah, i talked a lot in your class, only because mostly a lot of my friends are in there; so sorry about that. but still, you are a favorite. and you are so laid back.

dear mr pilon, (weights teacher)
1st semester with you was SO fun. and let me tell you, you are a babe (good thing he doesn't see this, right?!). you're also super motivating and said a quote that will get me thru a lot; "push yourself past the point of physical exhaustion. you reached it? good, push yourself farther."

dear ms chott, (FACS teacher)
well, your classes were fun. again, i had lots of friends in them. and you are a great teacher. i'm glad i've had you, and i'm glad i've been in your class. also, the yummy meals we made; AHHH. thanks.

dear ms miller, (PE teacher)
i LOVE you. you have taught me life lessons that i will continue to follow in life. you're so fun and easy to talk to about anything. i enjoy coming to PE everyday, just because of you. thanks ms. miller.

dear mr olson, (social studies teacher)
you are my favorite. my #1 favorite, and you always will be. your hilarious, and super talented. (mr. olson can rap, like full on rap) and you made social studies so much fun. i love how you'll just give credit for an assignment, even if we didn't do it. you'll always be my #1 favorite teacher. i'm so happy i've had you. you are awesome, mr. olson.

thats all guysss :)
thanks for reading. comment?! follow?!


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