Sunday, April 17, 2011

go hard or go home.

its sunday. i love sundays. why? church, and just family time. sundays make me happy. 
and so does SOFTBALL. i went to an ASU game. i had a blast. just looking at the dugouts, the locker rooms, the fields, i want to be there some day. thats what i want to do. is be an ASU softball player. i want little girls to come in their softball jerseys and see me play, and want to be like me. just like i do now, not gonna lie. i want to be filled with free gloves, bats, uniforms, just like they do. i want to be able to sign autographs to all of the fans out there. 

so enough slacking, i'm done. i'm going to work myself, to be able to someday be an ASU softball player. :) this post may be cheesy. but ahh, its so true.

someday, i wish to do this. i'm going to accomplish it. i won't give up. 

-lynsey marie


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