Monday, April 11, 2011

a day in the life.

title says it all :) what i do in my days.

wake up-6:30.
take about 1 hour to get ready-because i take my time, i change outfits about 20 times. no joke.
school-i actually like school, shocker, i know. ONLY the part of seeing everyone. learning, heck no.
softball- whether it's a school practice or game or a league practice or game, softball is always in my day.
homework-i hate homework, and sometimes i tend to "forget" about it. but i try to do it. with softball and everything, it kinda gets super hard to cram that in there.
facebook,email,ect.- this is extra time i have, such as right now. this time, ill blog, check facebook, talk to friends on iChat whatever :)
more softball- because one is never enough, yeah, ill go outside with my dad again. i love it that much.
then i'm tired- sleep, i love it. 

BORING?! i know. but these are only the school days above :)

my weekends are crazy. i'll have sleepovers with friends, softball games, church, family dinners, hanging out with friends, shopping, running arrands, anything. 

well thats it!!!

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