Monday, October 3, 2011


so today i went to the dentist, came home, and went on pin-terest. and found the CUTEST thing evaa!
watermark t-shirts!! how freakin' cute! :) okay. soo i tried it. and they are so so so easy and come out wonderful!!


rit fabric dye.

gel elmer's school glue

t-shirt (preferably white)

{and my camera doesn't load pictures all of a sudden..}sad... i know! so if you need to see pictures, click here

step 1: wet your t-shirt

step 2: place inside something that will be water-resistant to the layers of fabric. ex: lid to a bin.

step 3: write (in the gel elmer's glue) your favorite quote, song, drawing, etc. anything you'd like!
i used the quote the EXAMPLE lady used.

and then i also used the lyrics to "She will be loved" <3
step 4: let dry completely, this may take a couple of hours. (i placed mine outside..thats one good thing about the AZ heat!)

step 5: dye...your dye bath should be prepared using cool water. experiment with different amounts of dye until you find what you like best. make sure you remember that the color that comes out of the dye bath will be a little darker than the dry t-shirt. procedure: pour water in bin, add dye, experiment amount of dye, put shirt in, move with hands, take out and lay on bin lid again to dry (once again, it takes a couple hours), then move to step 6.

i used my other camera to show you this..its super cute! and once it dries, it will look adorable..

words may be hard to read, but that's the point!

step 6: when your shirt is dry (to let the dye set) soak it in cool, soapy water for about 15 minutes, this  washes the extra glue out. put in the washer and dry as you normally would. 

step 7: wear&enjoy! :)

(ill post a picture later of me wearing them..mine are in the dryer right now!)

how wonderful is that?! pretty darn wonderful if you ask me. :)

if you made one, please please please, email me your comments, pictures, etc. (puhlease don't ask as to why my email address is dansgirl..i meant for it to say DANCEgirl, and that didn't work out) ;)

thanks for stopping by!
OH! and i almost forgot.. you can find the original directions to the t-shirt's!
i<3comments :)
ps; i get braces tomorrow. oh nelliee.

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  1. dude!!! that is so cool!!! can't wait to see you wear it ;)