Monday, October 10, 2011

the good ole' days

i really miss being little. sometimes when i'm laying in bed, i think about when i was little and what i did when i was little. then, i think about my younger sister, and how i want her to experience the things i did.

when i was about 6, and my brother was about 5, we would beg my mom to drive us down the road to a man, joel, that sold peanuts, and pistachios just on the side of the road. we would always get pistachios from him, and thank him, and he'd smile to us. then when we'd leave, he'd wave to us and smile. i never saw anyone else purchase anything from him, besides us. my brother and i considered him our "friend." and we would go all the time. i really think we brightened his day everyday, because he would always be excited when we came back.

i remember one time, my family and i were all camping together in the woods, with my dog who i loved SO SO SO much. the parents all were in one camper playing cards, and the kids were in another camper just playing and doing what kids do. when it got dark, we all went back to our campers and wondered where my dog was. he was literally, no where to be found! of course, my brother and i started crying, and he was lost. but this is something i remember so vividly.

lastly, it was christmas, and of course, i woke up around 6 in the morning, because its christmas, duh! and i woke up my brother and we went out to the living room and looked at our presents, and my brother got an electric scooter. so, then we woke up my parents and they took luke's electric scooter outside and luke started to drive it, i remember my mom being so worried that he was going to crash, but luke's smile on his face was something that i'll always remember.

i love old times. i want to be little<3

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