Tuesday, September 6, 2011

help is appreciated.

okay first things first, i need a new blog design like very soon. if you know anyone that could do that, or even if YOU could do that..please please please comment..

second; yes i haven't posted a lot of words lately..i know..i wish i was a good writer, and i could type super fast but..i cant.

tres..(yes i am in spanish, and yes i have an F in that class....) i am a member on pinterest.. and i love it!! if you have one..also comment..i'd love to follow you.

fourttthhhhh... i have amazing friends and family...just nuff' said about that..

f.i.f.t.h, i am in love with the Hunger Games..i went on a family trip this weekend and (your probably going to laugh) i read the whole book AND started the 2nd one..! i am currently reading it now! they are amazing books.. i love peeta<3

SIXTH: as you can probably see, i'm getting board..but i just have SO much to say! well..like i said before..how im a member on interest(<--im trying to say PINTEREST but my computer is "auto correct" and will not let me without changing it to INTEREST..don't ask why it let me do it before, because i will  have no answer.) and i heart it..blah blah blah..well on PINTEREST(!!!) i was peeking around and came across the 30 day photo challenge..and im going to do it.. so ill begin sometime this week.. :) be looking for it!

seventh. i just love 3 day weekends. :) and i love you!

happy tuesday everyone!

heres the 30 day photo challenge pic..and some other interest (OMG.) loves.<3

30 day photo challenge
 these are adorable..
 i did something like this on this post.. i highlighted the key words of a very important quote<3 do you know what it is?!
 i agree.


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