Saturday, June 11, 2011

surely alive.

seriously, this week has changed my entire life. why? two words; epic life. you're probably wondering what "epic life" is, am i right? let me take a minute to explain. (that sounded sooo cheesy.)

so, this week i went up to california with my church for a summer camp. basically, it looked like we were in pinetop. gorgeous trees, amazing weather, and just pure beautifulness all over. i was in a cabin with amazing friends. i'll give you a recap of what camp was like. everyday, we woke up at 6:45 to an annoying, annoying (and did i mention annoying?!) alarm. then, we got all fancied up for the day, then there was breakfast.  the food was actually good, i know when you think of "camp food" it sounds all soggy, greasy, and plain out nasty, but the food was actually not that bad, the kitchen staff did a good job feeding 400 people and over 10 different churches. after breakfast, we had chapel, chapel was worship and then a speech a pastor gave. the pastor was simply amazing. the speeches he gave were life-changing. also, the worship was beautiful. every song had a great meaning behind it and everyone was lifting their hands high to praise the Lord. i loved chapel. after this, we had rec time. we played little games to compete against other churches and receive points. then, we ate lunch. after, we had free time. free time was super fun. we would always hang out with the little 6th grade boys and do the zip line, or challenge course, or walk on the river, or the lake. it was whatever we wanted to do, it was free time. this lasted 4 hours. after free time, we had dinner and then chapel. again, chapel was amazing. after chapel, we had more free time. then, night night. at 11:00 every night. we probably didn't fall asleep till 11:30. ha.ha.

we talked about living an epic life in chapel. a lot. an epic life, means giving all your life to God, trusting in him, and knowing that you will live a great life. the pastor also spoke about the difference of "cool" and "epic". you see, cool is not caring, cool is saying you believe in God, but not showing it enough. but epic, epic is living life for God, epic is knowing God has a great plan for you. i know sometimes, i may be on the "cool" side, but now, i will live an epic life. i will trust in God. i hope people can see that i'm a christian by the actions i do. i hope people will realize how its like to life an epic life, and they will want to join me in an epic journey. i encourage you all to live an epic life. it's not hard, by any means. theres 3 easy steps; eat, breath, exercise.

eat- pray, read the bible, ect.
breath- make an impact on others, by your faith.
exercise- create a goal with a group of friends, to be accountable for your trust in God, that way you have a friend there to help you when you need it.

3 easy steps; nothing hard about those right? those things are the key to living EPIC.

on the last day of camp, after chapel, we had something called church time. basically, just my church met in a little area where we all talked as a church. my pastor at my church then asked us if we would like to go up in front of the group and tell about why your faith has been changed from camp. my pastor said it was if you wanted to, then he left the floor open for anyone to go. around 8 boys went and talked about their faith being changed, and i realized a girl needed to go. i was then crying, from what all the boys were saying. i wanted to go so bad, but i had this gut feeling saying "you don't even know what you're going to say when you go up there". so i held it in. i stood back in my chair, feeling the urge to stand up and talk. then, my best friend went. thats when the tears were flowing. she was amazing. i knew then what i was going to say, and i went up and said it. i said exactly this.."well, before camp i had my group of friends and we wouldn't really talk with most of the other part of the church, we would just stick together, coming to camp has let me meet new people, and bring me closer to that group of friends as well. coming to camp has brought me closer to God, and now i decide to live an epic life. with the Lord." that was it. short and sweet. i was proud of myself, and all the other people that spoke. i cried, hard. after everyone was done, my pastor explained to us about a baptism, coming up this sunday. i knew from that point on that i want to live an epic life with the Lord, and i wanted to be baptized. i was ready. i knew i was, i could feel it.

so, tomorrow (Sunday) i will be getting baptized.

i'm glad i got to spend this week with amazing people at an amazing place. here are some pictures to follow this post.
oh, and i forgot to add one more thing, i LOST my stinkin contacts in the sink at my cabin, so for the rest of the week, i had to wear glasses, thats why you will see pictures of me in my glasses, because i was dumb and lost them..

God bless you all.

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  1. truly touching baby girl. you are such an inspiration. i love you.