Monday, June 27, 2011

and i just want you to know, you're far from the usual.

so helloo! i haven't posted in a long time, and i thought i would today. before summer started i was thinking to myself, "i will have so much time to blog because i'll be bored half of my summer." but that is not the case. i never have time anymore. i'm too caught up in everything, so today's my day of nothing, and that's why i blog. :) anyways, guess whatttttt. it's my little brothers birthday today! and in exactly 4,3,2,1 days it will be mine!

so this will be a good post, not gonna lie. :)

well, heres my brother.
some of you may not know this, but my brother isn't like normal 11 year old boys. when he was about 7, he had a RV gate fall on him, giving him a brain injury. he wasn't born this way by any means, he was normal, and healthy before this. when the accident happened, we didn't know what to expect, we didn't know if he would be okay, or if maybe it was just some minor thing. i remember when he got hurt like it was yesterday. it was me, my mom, and my dad, all getting dinner before my 3rd grade music performance, luke was left with my cousins. my aunt called my dad's phone and said luke was hurt and to come home now. so, we drove home with mixed emotions, i remember, i was crying, screaming, scared for my little brother. when we reached my house, there was fire fighters, ambulances, and police cars, and some people outside looking to see what had happened. my mom and i got out and tried to go see him, but we couldn't. so we sat in the dirt lot next to my uncles house (where luke had gotten hurt) and prayed. we prayed that luke would be okay and that God would protect him. the rest, i don't quite remember, i remember going to my aunt's house after, scared. but that was it. then, my mom called me and said luke was in a coma but it would all be okay, it was. it was okay. i also remember going to my best friends house, for like a week. i didn't go to school, i just stayed at my best friends house, until everything was over with. i remember, we had an awards ceremony at school, so my best friend(whittney)'s mom took me to that, and when i went, people just stared. i didn't know what was going on, usually when people get awards its like "whoo hoo, you got an award!" but when i got called up for an award, people just stared, i didnt understand why. i remember, i was so scared my music teacher would yell at me because i missed her music performance, and i remember walking up to her and saying "mrs thompson, i really am sorry i couldn't come to the music performance, my brother got hurt." and she just told me it was okay, she said she understood, and i didn't know how. but, then i knew, everyone knew what had happened to my little brother. after this, it was all a blur. this happened 4 years ago, and to this day, luke is still healing, he's strong. he can do this, he accomplishes great things. i love him. happy birthday, luke.

also, being 13 is big right?! i have a list of wishes for my 13th birthday. 13 wishes&dreams.

1. go on an exotic vacation, one i'll never forget.
2. to try a different sport.
3. sponsor a child from africa, and stick to it.
4. have fun for the rest of my school years.
5. accomplish awards, good grades, winning games, ect.
6. write a good story.
7. for a fairy-tale kind of love :) but not for a while.
8. for things to stay simple.
9. have a good photoshoot, with all my friends.
10. be a good softball pitcher.
11. go to six flags.
12. to be stronger in my faith in the Lord.
13. to have an amazing life, unforgettable memories, and great times, for all of the years to come. :)

thank you for reading :)

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