Monday, May 23, 2011

looking back, endless memories and a photograph.

you know the saying "a picture is worth a thousand words"? have you ever actually thought about that? have you looked at a picture and thought of a thousand words to describe it? there's a song "in color" by jamie johnson, it sorta describes that. how, in the old days, you had sepia or black and white photos, the picture isn't in color, but you can describe it as if it was in color. a picture is worth a thousand words. descriptive words. a thousand of those.

i made all these pictures black and white too, just to go along with the theme of this.

 this picture is of my brother, Luke. he would walk around the house with only his underwear on, all the time. he was a little punk, thats for sure. but i still love him.
 this picture is of my family. at the deer farm. after polar express. the deer would bite at our fingers. and there was peacocks, bright peacocks. there was reindeer, which i thought were "santa's" reindeers. it was cold, as you can see with our big jackets.
 this picture is of the Taylor Swift concert. i was happy. i was sad, sad, because i couldn't meet taylor swift. that was all i wanted.
 this was of my sister. when she was about 1. i got bows and put them all in her hair. i look like puke. bahahah.
 this was of california. swimming, boogie boarding. we were all so amazed by the perfect coronado beach.
 this picture was of dance. yes, i used to dance. i used to be flexible, i used to be there all the time, i used to go to competitions, i used to have costumes. used. used. used.
 this picture was the bulldogs football game. those games were probably the best memories ever.
this picture was of my best friends. we had a flour fight. it was amazing. i loved it, this was when everything was amazing, perfect, 2010. <3



  1. Lynsey,
    You are simply amazinggg.
    I lovee reading your blog, you are such a great writer!