Wednesday, April 27, 2011

she will be loved.

guess what my life has been like?! SOFTBALL, SOFTBALL, SOFTBALL. 

and let me tell you, i am SORE. and HURT. and TIRED. but i still love the game. this is all for the love of the game. its worth it. but do you ever have that feeling where you just want to give up? thats me. i want to just take a break. from school, softball, everything. but, i. cant. until summer break. thats in 5 weeks! thank goodness AIMS is done.

about summer break...i LOVE it. its probably the best time of the year (besides Christmas, i love Christmas time). i want to go to california, and feel the warm sand, and the water splash on my face. i also want to go camping, and i've wanted to go camping for a WHILE. if you took me, i'd love you forever?!



  1. I think over Summer we need to take a trip to Cali (: Capeash

  2. this on our list!! got it?!(: