Wednesday, March 30, 2011

{day 5}

a picture of your biggest inspiration.

well i have 2.

obviously, JENNIE FINCH.

when first, playing all sports she could, she exceeded in every one. and then, figuring out what her true dream was, she lived that dream. and that dream was fastpitch softball. and shes the #1 pitcher that was in the OLYMPICS! the olympics! thats a huge accomplishment. some people say i look like her, and well, i hope i can be like her too. that would make me live my dream too, and someday, i hope to do the things she did. and accomplish the things she accomplished.

next, my brother.
so this would be me and my brother, very young of course.(: but anyways, like 5 years ago, an RV gate landed on my brothers left side. he was in acoma for a couple weeks. and, with the power of prayer, and him being strong, he managed out of it. he is always always always trying his hardest. hes never giving up, and most importantly, he does things that seem impossible to him. he started out, not making a sound, and just having to sit in his wheelchair. now he is starting so stand on his own, and talking more and even taking steps. and that inspires me. i couldnt imagine what he had/has to go through, but i know i wouldnt be able to do the hard things as amazing as he is doing.

well, thats day 5!

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