Friday, March 25, 2011

30 day challenge. {day 1.}

so, on facebook, the 30 day challenge is going on. its where you put a picture of something everyday for 30 days that describes the "challenge" for every day. ill do 2 posts every day so it will only last for 15 days butttt, yes!

that brings us 1: a picture of yourself and 10 facts.

1. im a blonde, and i hate when people say that blondes are dumb or stupid.
2. im easy to get along with.
3. i am a terrible speller.
4. i love to laugh and have fun.
5. i tend to make up excuses ALOT.
6. i dont really know that much things. thats why people always have to tell me what they mean.
7. i hate surprises.
8. i love disney. or anything to do with disney.
9. i wish to travle the world someday.
10. i get scared easily.

and, there you have it!

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